Ger-Brock's Services

For nearly 50 years, Ger-Brock's knowledgeable, experienced, and ASE Certified staff has been offering service and repair for Asian Import cars and light trucks.

General / Maintenance

  • - For Asian Import Vehicles made in 2003 or newer -
  • Tune-ups
  • Diagnostics and repair
  • Drivability issues
  • Manufacturer's recommended mileage services
  • Steering / Suspension
  • Oil Changes
  • DEQ repairs / Check engine light diagnosis
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Electrical
  • Air conditioning service

Wheels and Tires

  • Tire balancing
  • Wheel Alignments
  • Brakes, ABS repairs
  • Swap summer and winter tires seasonally

What our customers have to say about us.

About Us

Photograph of Ger-Brock race car and Don Koski

Ger-Brock was established in 1974 to provide a quality repair facility for owners of Japanese import vehicles. We continue to provide service for Asian Imports made 2000 and newer.

Photograph of inside Ger-Brock's automotive shop
Photograph of inside Ger-Brock's automotive shop

Meet the team

Picture of Don Koski

Don Koski - Owner

Don has been with Ger-Brock since 1978. As of September 2013 he has retired from the daily business.

Picture of Nathan Thompson

Nathan Thompson - Technician

Nathan, or "Nate" is the Ger-Brock shop foreman and lead technician. Nate is a local Portlander who has been working on his own cars and his friends' cars as a hobby since his early years back in High School. After graduating from Benson High School with an emphasis in Automotive Technology Nate graduated from PCC's Automotive Repair program and is fully ASE certified and has been working at Ger-Brock for over 10 years.

Picture of Elliot McClain

Elliot Mclain - Technician

Elliot brings over 30 years of experience to the team and we are proud to have him. Elliot grew up on a ranch, and by necessity learned to help maintain the family fleet of cars, trucks, and farm equipment. He soon found himself fascinated by cars and a desire to know how things come apart, go back together, and function. Elliot has a degree in Automotive Technology and has worked in a wide variety of settings, from dealerships to independent shops like ours. Elliot is perhaps one of our finest diagnostic technicians, and rounds out our exceptional team of automotive technicians.

"Ger-Brock has become my new standard for honest an straight-forward auto repair. Leave the theory and guess work of network computer issues to the dealers with the expensive equipment, Ger-Brock can handle everything else."

Picture of Brandon Weaver

Brandon Weaver - Shop Mananger and Service Writer

Brandon joined Ger-Brock in 2016 as a service writer, and became shop manager later that year. Brandon is a local Portlander who graduated from Grant High School and the University Of Oregon. After college, he began tinkering with Volvos as a hobby, which lead him to a career in the aftermarket parts industry.

"When I joined Ger-Brock I was impressed by the ethos and culture fostered by the ownership. It didn't take long to realize that Ger-Brock operated a little bit differently than the rest of the shops out there, with an emphasis on building and maintaining relationships with the customer base rather than seeing them as walking dollar signs. This fit in with my personal value system, and I'm proud to carry on the legacy started by Elaine and Don. I live in the neighborhood, and you might even see me walking back and forth to work each day. I take pride in being able to help my neighbors maintain their vehicles, and gives me a true sense of place in the community. I love my job."

Picture of Andrew Veltkamp

Andrew Veltkamp - Technician

Andy is our longest-tenured technician currently on staff. Andy started at Ger-Brock in 2000, is ASE Certified and a darn nice guy!

"Raised in the Pacific Northwest, I enjoy camping, fishing, and hiking. When I'm not at work or spending time in the great outdoors, I enjoy time with my beautiful wife and two lovely daughters. I also enjoy tinkering with my old 1974 VW Bus, which 60% of the time works everytime."

While You Wait

picture of ger-brock waiting area

In addition to our very comfortable, Wifi equipped waiting area, there are a few local food and shopping options available.


Getting things done

  • NoPaws - Pet supplies and holistic dry and raw pet foods, across the street.